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Real Estate Law

From first-time homebuyers closing on a dream home to business owners financing a new space, we're here to help your real estate transaction go smoothly from start to finish.

Our real estate service is comprehensive, from initial drafting of purchase and sale contracts to litigation of contract disputes. We also represent clients before municipal, state, and federal agencies in land use and condemnation matters.

Contact our law office for a free initial consultation to more about how we can help you with your real estate matter.

Services Offered

  •  Financing and refinancing

  • Title search and title insurance

  • Mortgage closings

  • Spousal transfers and issues involving in probating real estate

  • Land use, zoning, variances and easements

  • Real estate breach of contract litigation

  • Landlord-tenant disputes

  • Foreclosures, collections, and evictions


Upside Down and Reverse Mortgages

An "upside down" mortgage is one in which more money is owed to the bank than a property is actually worth. This is becoming more common as house values fall. It's also something we see in probate court as elders choose reverse mortgages as a way to finance retirement and medical needs. Beneficiaries may find that the family home now carries a high mortgage.

For Sale by Owner

For sale by owner (FSBO) transactions require special care to protect the interests of buyers and sellers. The real estate team at Burr Legal Services can represent either party, ensuring that proper disclosures have been made and proper steps taken to ensure a smooth transfer of title during the home sale.